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Mitch and Lisa Estridge 
1601 Bowman's Bottom Road 
Lancaster, Kentucky 40444
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This page was last updated: September 18, 2016

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Palisades Appaloosas for Sale
A photo book for sale at Blurb!
. Our Palisades Appaloosas Facebook page has many more photos in albums of each foal by name

Appaloosa Weanlings, yearlings and Mares for sale
Pearl totally enjoyed her first snow experience!!
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PA Hollywood Rock, Dark bay near leopard colt
CMR Hollywood Peanut X Nuggets Super Shado
offered for sale at $2400
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Crystaline Lace
  bay blanketed filly  Rewardachic X Nuggets Super Shado 
 Offered for sale at $1800
This little bay filly is an athlete and a beauty.  She is both a nice halter and performance prospect with a royal pedigree of hall of fame APHC and AQHA bloodlines. Her dam is one of my best brodmares, and I would expect no less of her filly. Lace should finish at l4.3 to l5 hands.    She is agile, quick and smart and balanced.  Check out her pedigree and video.   She is just weaned september l9th and should be ready for her new home about October l9th.  we will be working together on leading, loading,  manners, and hoof care until then.
Please contact for more information
Please contact for more information
Heart of Charm   "Charm"
  Hartes Sizzler Jo X Nuggets Super Shado
Black appaloosa filly,  four white stockings and a blaze  APHC registered

Athletic, intelligent, sensitive, beautiful   Charm is weaned, registered and vaccinated,  and doing nicely with her lessons on leading, loading and hoof work and a little flag. Check out her lesson video below. She gets a long with the other foals well and bonds closely to her handler.  She has a sporty build and moves nicely.  She should be about l4.3 to l5 hands. She comes from two leopard parents, thus she has a 75% chance of carrying PATN1 (leopard pattern). Test results soon!  She would be a great cross for a fewspot or snowcap stallion.  Offered for sale at $1800
PA Hollywood Rock   CR Hollywood Peanut X Nuggets Super Shado
              Black bay near leopard colt      
       foaled June 8th
Rocky is a playful and curious character.  He's got all the color you could want, and plenty of good blood behind him in his pedigree. He's sun bleached in his pictures, but should be a very dark bay as he was when born.  At 3 l/2 months he is filling out nicely like his dam.   He loves to run and play,  and flops down for a nap in the grass any old time.  Holly is proving to be a good mom, and watches over him well.  He is the first foal she has had for us, though she came to us an experienced broodmare and riding mare. Offered for sale at $2400
 x        t.Here's a video of what I  teach our foals before they leave the farm.