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This page was last updated: July 8, 2015

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Pearl totally enjoyed her first snow experience!!
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PA Fashion Quest, "Jake"
Fashion Dreamer X Im Bud
Bay Dun blanketed APHC colt foaled March 27th
This big handsome colt has color, size, dun factor,  good strong bone and great breeding.
Jake will make a nice western, trail , family riding prospect.  He and his mother have matching zebra stripes on the legs and dorsal stripes since they are both bay duns.
He is the last (and best)  foal sired by Im Bud, thus a limited edition!  He should finish at l5.3 hands .
Jake is offered for sale at $2200

Jake is reserved for Ashley!
PA Desert Shado  , DUsty
Skipelletta X Nuggets Super Shado
Buckskin fewspot stud colt , homozygous for black and the color gene!
This lovely green eyed fellow has some very special genetics for making color. Pretty headed, big hipped  Dusty is friendly and playful.  Pics at two weeks old. He should be l5 hands at maturity.   EE n/CR Aa (hair testeed)
He is offered for sale at $2200.
Reserved for Melinda!
Dreamin On Earth, "Clay"
Clay arrived in the pasture in the afternoon on Earth day.  What a nice surprise at feeding time!  He is a dark bay blanketed colt, naturally stout and strong.  This cross between Junior and Mauzi is a great one and will be repeated for a fourth time this season.    Clay should finish at about l5.1 hands.  He is a curious and friendly guy and will make a nice pleasure/trail or show prospect. 
Clay is offered for sale at $2200        Reserved for Darlene!
       Shadocat,  "Kitty"
Rewardachic X Nuggets Super Shado       Bay NC appaloosa filly with chrome
This filly is a sweet heart, with lovely conformation, and beautiful movement.  Check out her video at l0 days old. She should finish at l4.3 hands and would make a nice family horse, 4H project, or broodmare for your fewspot stallion!   I will be testing Kitty for PATN1 (leopard pattern) to see if she is hiding the pattern from her sire.  This would add to her potential as a broodmare.
Asking $1600 for kitty!              Kitty is Reserved for Paul!
Silver Storm Cloud,
WF Stella Dallas X Nuggets Super Shado
      bay leopard filly   foaled May 27th
Silver Storm Cloud , "Brandi"
bay leopard filly   foaled May 27th
WF Stella Dallas X Nuggets Super Shado 

This sweet filly is beautifully built and gentle natured.  She is naturally people friendly
and easy to work with.  While her conformation is modern, she will have a 90% foundation pedigree designation when registered with the APHC. Check her pedigree for all the APHC greats behind her.  Brandi is a bay leopard from two leopard parents.  Both Cleo and Zeke are hypp n/n. This is Cleo's first foal, and I have rebred her to Zeke hoping for a clone of this nice filly.  Brandi should make a great all around prospect for show, breeding , riding and a good family friend.

Brandi is offered for sale at $2200
Clicke to PA Meadow Brooke,  "Meadow"a
Our newest addition foaled July 7th, 1 am.  Seal brown filly , homozygous for black EE.
                                  Taylored by Moolah X Nuggets Super Shado                                   
Meadow is Taylor Brooke's first filly and is sired by Nuggets Super Shado.  She's nicely balanced and long legged at a day old.  Meadow should qualify for Foundation Pedigree designation.  She has many APHC greats in her pedigree.  Check it out   
I'll be adding pics and a video soon of Meadow.