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This page was last updated: July 11, 2014

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Palisades Appaloosas for Sale
A photo book for sale at Blurb!
Here come the 2014 foals for sale!  Sometimes the sale page lags a little behind the
foaling barn page in announcing the arrival of available foals. 
Please check the foaling page  here ...

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Merlin!   Pa Magic Shado
KK the Dream Begins X Nuggets Super Shado, black bay colt!    born March 26th

This colt is very outgoing and friendly. He is curious and not fearful of new things, as you can see with the trailer. It is a family trait he and is brother Riley share!
Merlin is very nicely put together and should finish at l4.3 to l5 h.
He is homozygous for the black gene.   Merlin is Reserved for Sharon!

. Our Palisades Appaloosas Facebook page has many more photos in albums of each foal by name.
Appaloosa Weanlings, yearlings and Mares for sale
Moonlit Shadow, "Sophie"
Moons Bar Glo AQHA X Nuggets Super Shado
Grulla appaloosa filly, homozygous for black

Sophie has an exquisite head and strong dun markings accented by her white socks and blaze.  Just trotting about the barn she has been jumping muck buckets with many inches to spare. She is light on those long slim legs and has a good hip and shoulder muscling for power.  Sophie appears to be non characteristic for the appaloosa color gene, but we'll have to wait a bit to be sure she won't color. She does have white sclera to her eyes.  Like her two parents, Sophie is homozygous for black.This will be an asset in breeding in the future as she will produce black, bay or dun foals. 
Sophie is offered for sale at $1,800
Sophie is reserved for Tammy!
Coffeecup's "Macy", Chestnut Snowcap Filly
  Dreamin Dun X Coffeecup High Hopes
         offered for sale at $2,000
Coffeecup High Hopes X Dreamin Dun
Chestnut Snowcap filly
    June 5, 2014  
Macy is a special filly.  She lost her mother a few moments after her birth, but was adopted by a wonderful AQHA mare named Kelly Kool within a day of her loss.
Kelly has a half sister to Macy at her side. Her name is Lizzy.  Kelly has done a great job with both fillies.  Lizzy is just about old enough to be weaned and Macy will have the mare to herself for a few more months.
Macy is a leggy athletic filly. Both parents are were/are l5.1 hands.  She is homozygous for the LP gene and should put some amount of color or characteristics on all of her foals.
Greg says she is outgoing and "rules the roost"!!
Macy is offered for sale by Greg Beasley at $2,000

  2007 Grulla AQHA mare, Homozygous for black
    bred to Nuggets Super Shado for a may 2015 foal.

Moon is a well balanced, stout build grulla quarter horse mare.  She has been ridden
as a four year old, and has been a broodmare since coming to Palisades Appaloosas.  She is 7 years old at this time and hopefully in foal to Zeke again for another Sophie (perhaps with a blanket?)  I'd like to cut my number of broodmares down a little, but Moon is one of those mares that I won't mind if I don't sell.   She's easy to get along with ,
has gotten in foal easily , first cycle each time. She is a good mom, just not a super color producer so far.  Moon is offered for sale at $2,000 in foal.
More pictures are offered on her personal page as well as photos of her colts.