2019 Foals Arriving!
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Our Appaloosa mares are getting ready to present us with our 2019 Appaloosa foal crop.  There are 13 colorful mares due to foal. This year the foals are due in March, April, May, and June.  The babies are sired by three different stallions. I will be working day and night to attend each birth and to give each foal the proper time and attention. Spring and summer will be spent teaching them to be gentle and well mannered for their new owners. 

  I will post each mare as her time grows near and detail her development and delivery.  The foals will be posted within a day or two of their birth.  They can be reserved until weaning time with a   33% non refundable deposit.  Click here to see our full Policy on foal sales.  

 I hope you enjoy the foaling season as much as I do. 
I love sharing this experience with my visitors, especially those not lucky enough to have horses 
of their own. 

Each of the mares' photos are linked to their personal page.. just click!
Strictly Ballroom "Tango" X Mighty Bright Reward 
     due to foal, March 24th

 I noticed Tango had already begun udder enlargement the first of February.  This was 7 weeks early, and unusual for her.  She held out just long enough until March 9th, which was still l5 days early.   She had shown me wax for a full week and on Saturday morning I noticed a drop of white milk on one teat. That is usually a strong sign of impending foaling.  
I had a very bad day because I lost my best friend dog, Princess, at 5 pm.  I dragged my feet back to the barn at 11 pm and was not suprised to see that Tango was just delivering a beautiful bay near leopard colt. Life is intense here on our farm.  I can lose a dear friend and have a baby born in the same day.  
I named the blue eyed colt, Prince, and he is offered for sale at $2600
Taylored by Moolah (TB) X Mighty Bright Reward
            Due to foal,  March l3th

   This is TB's first foal sired by Samson, who is a bay fewspot.  The foal will have a black or bay base color and the type of appaloosa pattern will be the surprise.  

TB's udder is enlarging and is nearly half full. She has a nice full low belly, and walks rather slowly back to the barn at night. She's shedding her winter coat fast.   Last year she was several weeks late to deliver, but did a great job with an easy delivery mid afternoon!  I do not expect her to foal before March 20th. 

Skips Jazzy Blue X Mighty Bright Reward
       Due to foal, March l5th

Jazzy is a Grulla (black dun) AQHA mare and is one of our best producers.   I base that not only on my own evalutation of her foals, but on the feedback I have gotten repeatedly on her foals sired by Zeke and his son, Samson.   Last year's filly was a grulla with a spotted blanket.   If you would like to see her many colorful foals,  click on her picture which is linked to her personal page .  
Jazzy is moving along toward foaling with her udder about 60% full.  The last two years she was 7 days late.  I expect her foal late in the month of March

Roselyn's Smores  X Twilight Reemarkable
            Due to foal April 10th.  

  Smores is one of our younger mares, coming six this spring.   She is a dark bay mare bred to a homozygous black stallion,  Markus.  They have three leopard genes between them, so I am hoping for a leopard.  But the reality is.. the foal could be solid, leopard or fewspot.  It should have a black or bay base color.   Smores is a strong athletic mare and she fooled me with her first foal, and i came to the barn to find all the work done and the foal lying quietly beside her.  I hope to be present this time! 
    Smores udder has begun to change and she is about 30% enlarged as of March 18.  I would expect her to foal about the middle of April. 
Earthlight Cowgirl X Nuggets Super Shado
          Due to foal April  11th

Mauzi is a great producer of both colorful and easy to handle foals.   Last year's leopard by Zeke was so handsome, I repeated the cross.  
Mauzi outproduces herself in size,  requiring me to help in the birth most every time.  But we have managed as a team 6 times now.   Fingers crossed for a successful 7th foaling .
She has begun a small change in her udder as of March l6th.  She may foal pretty close to her due date.