Charicature X Shayla CV
2004 Black Leopard APHC mare

This good natured and beautiful young mare was raised and trained by Lynn Maddux of Kansas. Lynn bred Shayla,a fine Arabian mare, to Charicature, a fewspot leopard Appaloosa.  You can see Tango as a foal at the bottom of her page.  Tango stands l5.l hands high and is a beautiful mover head and tail held high.  She has energy without being high strung, and has a people loving disposition.  Tango blended easily into the herd, as she is wise about getting along with other horses.  Tango's Color genetics are Ee aa, and she is bred to Nuggets Super Shado (EE aa) again for a 2018 foal, her ninth by Zeke.
Why mess with success?

Thank you Tango, for doing such a good job for us!  You are one of our prized mares.

Tango Fall of 2009, in foal
Tango, Summer of 2011
2012 filly "Starla"                                                 2011 colt, "Lance"

Mitch and Lisa Estridge
1601 Bowman's Bottom Road Lancaster, KY 40444

Tango as a filly
2010 filly, Nugget, by Nuggets Super Shado
Tango X Zeke, 2013  "Abby"  homozygous black near leopard filly.
Riverdance, 2014 Colt by Zeke
Strictly Ballroom
2015 fewspot filly "Krystal"
Have This Dance, "Rita" 2016 black leopard filly by Zeke
Lincoln, solid black with stockings, 2017 colt by Zeke