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Jess, Carla, Zachary, Savannah, Eli, Gabriel,
 Mitch and Lisa Estridge
Palisades Appaloosas
   Lancaster, KY 40444


Family photos.. finally updated!
Our Family 1993
Our Family 

 Pet Portraits by Carla Reed

Would you like to visit the farm via video?  "KENTUCKY LIFE" produced a television show about conservation land owners (as we are here at Palisades) and what they do with their protected land. You will be able to see the farm and horses on this streaming video from about 2006.  Click the button below for the link.  then press the blue "watch it" in the upper right.
A little Gallery of Nuggets Super Shado  or "Zeke" 
a favorite stallion at age 7
Carla helping unload one ton of grain in High School.
   To the right.. Carla a little older now, feeding Grace carrots. 
Eli and our beloved gelding, Rusty.
Eli feeding calves and his twin, Gabe, on a fall evening.
Jess, my right hand man with the mares and foals
MItch astride Sean,  and Savannah riding Oreo
Lisa and Star, 2009
family reunions,  1998 and 2009
Zack,  his wife Joanne, and their daughter, Evelyn!
The Photo Gallery at Palisades Appaloosas